Keep calm, be kind and carry on - March 2020

It's hard to write this months blog without a focus on the current situation facing us all. I'm going to talk about where I can fit in to all of this.

To start off, this isn't going to be a war fought with soldiers, but a pandemic fought with medical workers and scientists. They are the people that will have to live with the hard decisions they will be making over the next year. I'm sure most of us will look back and remember the toilet roll madness, but there are those few who are looking after us and will be dealing with levels of stress and tiredness we can't imagine.

Where is my place in this crisis? I think this lies heavily in acts of responsibility, as it will with most in society. To carry on with our lives as best we can, with our decisions based on compassion and empathy for those who will suffer the most. We can listen to the advice we are given from experts, and go further with positive acts of kindness.

I've been trying my best to stay indoors and avoid contact with people outside my home.

It's a great opportunity to do all those things I never have much time for. Reading, writing, designing and playing the piano regularly. I feel its important to work on developing my skills and knowledge, so when things go back to normal, I can be a more valuable member of society and offer more to the world.

I want to thank all my customers, who I'm incredible lucky to have not cancelled any work, allowing me to continue as a business.

A huge thank you to all those working in the NHS who are preparing themselves for this ultimate challenge. Also to the scientists working hard to find a vaccine and anyone else contributing to keep our wonderful country functioning.

We are absolutely all on the same side in this global pandemic and just have to look after each other. We all want it to work out and get back to our lives. Remember while we are sat in our homes, there is hope, that there all thousands of the most gifted minds out there right now - all over the world - figuring out how to fix this, and I believe they can do it.

One day in the future, we will look back on this moment of our lives, and remember our actions. I hope we can all be proud.

— Christopher Darby


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