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Fine Furniture

My furniture is well made, well designed and stands the test of time after use. It's built with a deep understanding of timber, and requires patience, passion, attention to detail, and well trained hand and eye skills. 

The craft is infused with art and functionality, a piece is made to be pleasing to look at, and used for a lifetime.
I use traditional joinery methods to build furniture. A drawbored mortise and tenon or a dovetail joint will last centuries when cut properly. 

An appreciation of geometry excels a design, offering the ability to harmonise proportions, making a size or shape look just right. These are then built around the human form, giving function to theory.

My work is made with a limited amount of machinery, preferring hand tools where possible -giving each component its own individuality. More on this below...


Oak trestle table- wedged mortise and tenon joint

I'm conscious, and concerned of the issues the world is facing with the environment, and aim to find a way of building furniture that can work in harmony with the planet.
This is an ever evolving process through education and opportunities.
The wood I use to build my furniture is all sourced from sustainably managed forests (and FSC certified), and I don't use any rare or endangered tropical timber.
Possibly the most sustainable part of my furniture is that it won't have to be replaced every 10 years.

All the pieces I make are made to order. They are designed, marked out, sawed, planed, chiseled, constructed, sanded and finished by me alone - ensuring the level of quality I strive to produce. 
I hope that each piece I make can bring a small amount of daily joy to someone's life every time it's seen, touched and used.

Oak Chest with drawers - dovetail joinery

I'm incredibly passionate about making well built furniture and this goes beyond the making process. It has become a philosophy for me, a guide to the way I view work and life.
I see myself as a torch bearer, with a responsibility to learn as much as I can from the past, and to eventually pass it on to the future, as so many others have done for thousands of years.

I prefer to use hand tools for several reasons. Not only does it create a more peaceful environment, but it also produces a lot less dust in the air. It keeps me healthy using my muscles, and uses no electricity which helps the planet.
However, my favourite reason is the individuality it gives each piece with the subtle marks they leave. Each cut or chop is a hand printed memory, etched into the wood - giving it new life.

The pieces of furniture I make have the potential to outlive me, Ideally they should last for a minimum of 150 years, as this would be enough time for a new hardwood tree to grow, and mature for harvesting. This is to me what true sustainability is, living and working at a pace the planet can keep up with.

Black walnut side table - pinned bridle joints


Black Walnut Piano Stool


Oak chest with drawers


Shaker design - Oak side tables


Ash side table


Black walnut side table


Oak tea box

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